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Ana possesses an inquisitive personality, seeking new solutions and innovative approaches. As researcher she has always functioned in an interdisciplinary manner, demonstrating a lot of intellectual creativity.

Her doctoral thesis, an interdisciplinary paper on “Professional Association in Spain. The configuration of the entrepreneur in industrial relations”, received the prize of the Institute for Economic Studies.

Thesis: El asociacionismo empresarial en España

An investigative researcher with extensive capacity for innovation and intellectual creativity.

South-South and Triangular Cooperation Study

This report’s methodological approach comprises three phases: analysis of documents, mapping of SSC and TRC experience in the EU’s cooperation in LAC, and an assessment and the formulation of potential lines of action for the EC in this sphere. The first phase, the analysis of documents, focused both on the way in which SSC and TRC is being addressed in other multilateral spheres, i.e. United Nations, SEGIB and CEPAL, and on the analysis of two member States with a focus on TRC, Germany and Spain. The EU’s cooperation experience in LAC was mapped based on three of its components: regional programs: ALFA, COPOLAD, EUROSOCIAL, URBAL, AL-INVEST, EUROCLIMA, bilateral cooperation and thematic lines.

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In 2010 she coordinated an investigation as associate researcher for the Institute for Development and Cooperation of the Complutense University of Madrid titled: “ Peer Learning and the elaboration of public policy”, which was published by the International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies

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At the Biannual Conference of the European Evaluation Society, held in Prague in 2010, she presented a paper, with the results of the aforementioned research, for which she was honoured.

European Evaluación Society

In 2013 she was a member of the team of experts that carried out research for the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation on several different cooperation systems using Results Based Management.